Dr. Martin ŠVEC
H-Index: 18

Dr. Martin ŠVEC

Institute of Physics of the CAS, Prague, Czech Republic, EU

Position: Head of the Scanning Probe Luminescence Microscopy Lab at the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic (http://splm.fzu.cz)

Specialization: High-resolution STM/AFM imaging; Photon-STM methodology; Physics and chemistry of atoms and molecules adsorbed on surfaces; Novel 2D materials

At the NANOCON´21 conference Martin Švec will present an invited lecture “From Single-Molecule Photon Emitters to Entangled Excitonic States” at the session E.

Personal Background and Education:

Research Interests and main results:

Publication activity:
He has authored and co-authored of >40 works that have been cited for almost 1 000 times.

His Hirsch index: 18.

For his outstanding scientific achievements, and in recognition of his scientific research work, Martin Švec won the prestigious Otto Wichterle Prize in 2014.